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We are the most popular non emergency medical Transport service in Somerset, Middlesex and Hunterdon Counties.

Medical appointments

Inspiringnj offers comfortable, reliable and professional non-emergency transport service within Somerset, Middlesex and Hunterdon Counties. We ensure you get to your appointment comfortably and on time.

Recreational activities

We ensure you get any recreational activities you have planned we are the most popular and has been chosen by many important people. We also provide premier service to wedding, parties, sport event, proms etc.

Wheelchair and Elderly Transport

Our modern non-emergency medical transportation vans are customized and fitted with reliable features to enable our clients board smoothly and travel comfortably while assuring safety

Back To School

At Inspiringnj we ensure your child with special needs safely and comfortably arrives home from school and back. We offer exciting and engaging toys your child to ensure they enjoy the journey,

Graduation and Weddings

On your special day our spacious vehicles fitted with world class facilities will ensure comfort and safety will give you ample time to prepare for your event with assured means of transport.

Airport Pick and Drops

Together with your language our staff will come and pick you from the airport and drive you home with a lot ease. Equally when traveling we will pick you on-time and ensure you arrive  on time for your plane.

Ride With Confidence
In Somerset, Middlesex and Hunterdon

#1 non Emergency Medical transportation

Inspiringnj offers non Emergency Medical transportation to Day programs, Community Employment, medical appointments and to Recreational activities in Somerset, Middlesex and Hunterdon Counties.

Highly Trained Staff

Inspiringnj is constituted of highly trained and professional staff who offer reliable services in Somerset, Middlesex and Hunterdon Counties.  Our staff are trained professionally to assure safe drives and are also equipped with basic paramedic skills to handle emergencies before getting to the hosipital 

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